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FYI Tom, last night my Honey asked me if I had reordered the BT Sauce yet! When I said no he said "well get busy and order because I am almost out"!! LOL Well I placed order this morning

Candy K / Louisville,  Ky


My old buffalonian friend came to visit me in the UK last year and brought a selection of not-available-in-the-UK-hot sauces for me, bless him. Buffalo Tom's was the last one I got round to, and it's the pick of the litter by far, exceptional sauce, fantastic. I'll be sweet-talking for more soon!

David L 

Staffordshire, United Kingdom


Recently, I sent a message to a new customer making sure the six pack he ordered had arrived and I asked him for marketing resons, how he came across  Buffalo Tom's- Here is his reply:

I did receive my sauce and it's as good as I hoped it was, I found your site
online doing a search for " the worlds best wing sauce".

Greg / Mantua, OH


Bought a case of sauce and it arrived today. Pretty much went through a whole bottle in 10 hrs as this stuff is absolutely "DELICIOUS". Slobbered it all over my pork chops and that was the best pig I ever ate. Can't wait to try it in a Bloody Mary and will try it on everything from now on. MOVE OVER BUFFALO BOB & HOWDY DOODY CAUSE THERES A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN AND HE IS BUFFALO TOM AND HIS SOON TO BE WORLD CLASS HOT SAUCE!!!!!

Ron - From Westfield, New York

PS: Thanks Tom and keep up the good work looking forward to the next case as I am shipping a bunch of this case to my friends around the country!!


I absolutely love BT's sauce, so much in fact that I have my own personal bottle with a "DO NOT TOUCH" sign on it. I use it for almost everything...from homemade chili to Bloody Mary's, or to just drink straight from the bottle!!!!!!!!

Audrey -Buffalo, NY, USA


I was pleasantly surprised that the hot and spicy taste I enjoy did not leave the burnt lips/mouth feeling that as so many other hot sauces do. I bought a 10oz. Bottle a week ago and have already used seems to go with everything...even potato chips!

Janice -Buffalo, NY USA


Buffalo Tom's Gourmet Hot Sauce

Buffalo - Born and Buffalo - Made

Buffalo Tom's New Original Label

Fire House Sports Bar & Grill








Wow, Buffalo Tom himself hooked me up with two of his bottles of hot sauce and my oh my are they phenomenal. I'm the type who never used hot sauce due to the fact that I just don't like it. But this is the first one that I have personally used more than once. My father even loved it and he also doesn't normally use hot sauce either. Keep up the good work.

Alvin P

Buffalo, New York


Oh my goodness! I just had a vegetable omelet with Buffalo Tom's Gourmet Hot Sauce. The delicious spicy taste awakened and pleased my palate. Talking about some kind of good. Yum yum! And it's all natural. There's none other. And I'm a connoisseur of hot sauces. Ha! Wooh wooh!


Windsor Mill, MD


The first taste is unique & will knock you back......but once you regain your'll want more & more !!!! Very addicting !!! I've even put it on eggs.

The hot sauce of champions !!!! Try it on a roast beef sandwich......epic flavor-bomb!!!!!

Jay / Mobile-Alabama


There is no other sauce in the world like Buffalo Tom's Hot Sauce - I use it on everything I eat.

Blair -FL, USA


This sauce is great! I've put it on wings,burgers,chili and everything else you could think of and it hasn't failed me yet.

If I can't find anything handy to put it on I just take a swig right out of the bottle! Get some! 

Stephen M. -Easley, SC USA


Having spend a lot of time in New Orleans, and enjoying their many varieties of Cajun food and hot sauces, 

I must say, "Buffalo Toms hot sauce" has now raised the bar for hot sauce lovers. His combination of spices and peppers gives you the heat you crave, but the flavor of the spices also breaks through. The sauce is great on everything, and it gives your Bloody Mary's a pleasant jolt. 

B.T.'s sauce is an absolute winner!!! 

Larry R. -Clarence, NY USA


I just had to write in to see if there is a support group for my new addiction to your BUFFALO TOM'S SAUCE!!!!!! 

I think I might need to start one! I just ordered a CASE! And I can't wait to get it and spread the joy to my friends and family! 

Thanks for the great product! 

Molly -Hamburg, NY, USA

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